Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

One year after he started practicing law, Derek M. Wright established his own practice. The Cleveland native decided to make Atlanta not only his base of operations, but also his home. Today, he is well-known among clients and peers as a premier personal injury and criminal defense attorney.

A Dedicated And Committed Trial Attorney

During law school, Derek M. Wright developed a passion for litigation, working full time for two lawyers while he was pursuing his law degree. That dedication, diligence and work ethic remains today. He is not content to settle cases unless that provides the best possible outcome. All cases are prepared for trial, and he remains at the ready to litigate.

Derek M. Wright has been admitted pro hac vice to several state and federal jurisdictions. This means he can practice outside the state of Georgia.  Specific areas include Alabama, South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Kansas and the Virgin Islands.

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Derek M. Wright will take the time get to know you and the legal problem that brought you to our firm. Before speaking to anyone about your case, call our law firm at 678-710-9726 or send us an email.