Serious Representation For Serious Criminal Charges

In the aftermath of an arrest, confusion sets in. Important decisions must be made. Claiming to have your best interests in mind, arresting police officers will want you to talk. Prosecutors want you to plead guilty.

Simply put, they don't. Before you utter one word or talk on a jailhouse phone, you need to retain skilled legal counsel.

When Futures And Freedoms Are At Stake

If Derek M. Wright has learned anything in his practice of criminal defense is that good people can find themselves in bad situations. The criminal justice system being fair for everyone is a misconception. "Innocent until proven guilty" may be the largest myth of all.

The founder of our law firm takes on cases that involve both misdemeanor crimes, serious felony offenses and expungements throughout and outside of Georgia. His engineering background allows him to take a methodical, if not analytical approach to his cases, breaking them down into manageable components.

Derek M. Wright is a criminal defense lawyer who does not take cases just to pursue a plea bargain. He is confident. Simply put, he does not like to lose. He is an effective and successful trial attorney who plays to win. He will aggressively pursue the best outcome, even if that involves litigation.

You need that level of dedication and diligence in high stakes legal matters. Consequences of convictions go beyond fines and prison time. A criminal record presents a lifetime of challenges when it comes to securing housing or finding a job.

Take Proactive Steps To Protect Your Rights

Derek M. Wright believes in building relationships with clients. Providing personalized representation is something he takes seriously.

Before talking to anyone, contact our Atlanta law office at 678-710-9726. You can also reach us via email.